Our research focuses on developing materials and devices for renewable solar energy conversion and storage. In one hour, more energy from the sun reaches the earth’s surface than is used by everyone in the world for one year. Our goal is to harness this energy to produce clean, renewable fuels such as hydrogen. Our lab’s research is multidisciplinary, incorporating thin film growth, semiconductor physics, and electrochemistry in order to understand and overcome the fundamental material challenges standing in the way of efficient solar to fuel conversion.


Congratulations to Yarden Shriqui for passing his MSc defense and being admitted to the PhD program!

Our lab has recently been awarded the ERC 2021 starting grant and ISF 2022 grants!
 Congratulations to Sa'ar Shor Peled for passing his PhD candidacy exam and for winning 1st place in the poster competition at the Day of Light Conference at BGU!

Our recent paper on non-unity photogeneration yield in metal-oxides was published in Nature Materials! 

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